V4Escrow has designed the most efficient IP exchange mechanism to generate the greatest value for Sellers and Buyers. You will get the Blacklist Report, the Routing History and the Geolocation of the IP Block.

What you see is what you sell.
The full report for the IP block is available upfront.

You will know if the IP addresses are blacklisted at the time of Sale and which of the blacklist providers are listing them individually. There is a beautiful map for the geolocation, to give you a visual of where in the world the IPs were used in the past and in the present. You will see a complete report with the previous routing history of the IP block, because there is no secret that we want to hide. All these details are useful to determine the final price of the IP addresses you sell.

Once a Buyer purchases the IP block, you will see a clear timeline with the transfer process, and full details on how to fulfill the current step if needed. By you or by the Buyer.

All the documentation required will be sent to you automatically and you will sign it using Docusign, we hussle free the printing, signing and scanning of the documents. All Docusign documents we generate have been used before and are approved by the RIRs.

Funds will be released to Sellers as soon as the transfer is confirmed by the RIR(s). V4Escrow will guide you through the whole process, step by step, and will assist you in any moment if neeed.