Do you need to secure an IP block now and pay in 12 or 24 months? V4Escrow can hold the IP Addresses in escrow in their RIPE LIR.

V4Escrow can hold the IP addresses (IPs) in Escrow while the payment builds up. 

How does this work? 

For the Seller, they get 10% more money, payments are made over the course of 12 or 24 months. They transfer the IPs to V4Escrow for the 12-24 months period.

V4Escrow gets 10% more commission and for that it will maintain the IPs in the RIR Database for the Buyer ie: sub-allocations, RPKI ROAs, LOAs, route objects, DNS reverse delegation, etc.

For the Buyer, they pay 50% upfront and the rest of 50% over the course of the remaining 11 or 23 months. The final price is 20% higher than if the block is bought right away with all the money.

Once the 12 or 24 months pass and only once all payments are complete, the block is transferred from V4Escrow to the Buyer.

Please contact us for more details.